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So, my intentions for NaNo this year were to not officially join, but still write the 50k by adding and finishing off to the past NaNo novels. But... then I started going on the forums and just couldn't resist signing up with a new novel. I'd alreay come up with the plot last year and I'm rather proud of the idea. But another part of me is already regretting this haha. I've attempted the camps to finish off novels, but it never happens for me. So I guess, here goes to another unfinished, un edited novel :P

What's everybody else's plans for this year? Yes or No? First attempt orr your umpteenth time?

I'm ashybear on there if you'd like to add me as a writing buddy!

The not so cool Netflix...

A few months ago Netflix came to Australia and I avoided getting an account. But yesterday after discovering I could get a month's free trial, I thought why not. Let's try it out.

And I was rather disappointed. Now, I am not sure if it is like this in the USA (or other countries) because Australia is extremely protective of its TV and who gets to show what and it has all these laws, but essentially every show I wanted to watch and catch up on was not being shown on there. The only show which was on there was Supernatural, but not season 10 which is what I needed.

I do watch things online in other places, but that was getting on my nerves because of all the adds and pop-ups, so I thought to try something else. But it's not suiting my needs haha.

My dad has Foxtel here (cable/pay TV) and part of the deal is he can get something called Foxtel Go on 3 other devices. Even though I live 300km or so away I have it on an old laptop hooked up to a TV. It has a catchup thing, where you can download shows that aren't currently airing, but are available. So I looked through it and thought I'd give a show called Carnivale a go.

My thoughts so far are it's a really complex/intriguing plot line. I reached episode 4 last night of season 1. I'm hoping it makes season 2 available soon. It aired between 2003-2005 apparently, so a rather old show but I am enjoying it.

I previously had a rather lengthy list, but if it wasn't on Netflix or Foxtel (or I hadn't begun watching it) I deleted it. So now my list is significantly limited to:

Chicago Fire (rest of season 3 - Foxtel shows this, but have not made it available on Catchup)
Elementary (latest season)
Supernatural (season 10)
Chicago P.D (haven't started, but it's  linked to Chicago Fire, so why not)
Resurrection (the only show I am actually up to date on)
Downton Abbey (finish off season 5 - Netflix shows up to season 4, but I assume that once it is released in Australia on DVD it'll be made available)
Game of Thrones (this is generally available for catchup on Foxtel at some stage or another)

Icon Journals?

Hey! So when I took a hiatus, I also took an icon making hiatus. Just wondering if anyone knows what is going on around here at this current time. There's a few I'm following, but are there any other ones? The 20in20 ones were always fun!

What has changed, and what is the same


Again, been forever since I last made a post, but upon logging into my account for a reason I'll mention below, I have suddenly felt inspired to actually use this regularly again (let's hope I can keep that promise!)

Anyway, so what has changed is I am about to complete my uni degree at the end of the year. That is... if my lecturer gets back to me. Commencing my fourth and final year has been a struggle. I failed my first assignment ever and that just added more stress to the already stressed me. I've been referred to a psychologist upon my own request but I managed to get to one appointment after 6 weeks of waiting and then she went on a month long holiday. So, yeah, it's a slow process.

To be honest, I've had so much to focus on that the fandom aspect of my life has kind of gone by the way side. Something had to give and that was it. I've all but given up fanfiction (still competing in one competition) and, yeah. I just have other things.

Ever since booking a trip to Austria at the end of the year, travel has been on the forefront of my mind. I've become obsessed with it, and after we decided we wanted to try and do a holiday a year, I was inspired to create a challenge for it. That leads me to why I am here. I have created a Facebook page and website (and forum) based around this challenge. It's less than a week old so I am trying to get likes and people involved in it. So if you could kindly all like my page and share/invite friends that would be lovely. It's my new interest and a distraction from uni. Link is here.

Blogging about travel and everything has become my new hobby (not that I've gone anywhere yet to do that) and I even bought a decent camera in preparation. Er so, yeah, this page may become very travel-ish in the future and I apologise if that doesn't interest some of you. I suppose interests change and life changes.

So, how has everyone else been? As I said, it's been forever!

It's been forever

Yes, it's been forever since I've made an appearance on here, most of you have probably forgotten me. But I am alive and I've just been busy.

To be honest, not much has happened to report about anyway. Just uni, uni, uni. On the 22nd December I leave for a trip to the USA. It's a tour - New Orleans to New York which I am excited about. I do have to get through another prac first, though.

The news I'm most excited about though, is quite recently, I have started seeing a very nice boy :) I've known him probably since June, as we work(ed) together. It wasn't until we stayed up to 4am one night at his place after a party (drunk) talking that we kinda started things in a romantic fashion (and even then it took another week for us to officially start dating). We work at a chain swim centre and as a new one is opening in the same town, but different place, and he hates our boss, he's moving over to that centre. We have decided it's probably worked out nicely in that sense, though. Since becoming official (to our work people) we've done two shifts together and it's rather uncomfortable being in a relationship when in a work place you have to be all professional and what not :P We haven't been seeing each other for that long, but so far it's going quite well and I'm rather happy right now :D

That's about all that's been happening in my life apart from I have an assignment due today worth 60% of my mark for that unit... so you know yeah.

Updated TV List

Complete Series:

  • Charmed

  • Merlin

  • Friends

  • How I Met Your Mother

Up to date Series:

  • Elementary

  • Supernatural

  • Game of Thrones

Catching Up:

  • Sherlock

To Watch:

  • Chicago Fire

  • Resurrection

  • House of Anubis

  • Rome

  • The Bible

  • Salem

  • Atlantis

  • The Goldbergs

That will keep me busy for some time, but any other suggestions?
Penguins Love

Happy Birthday to me

Today, my 22nd birthday, was spent testing a child on maths for an assignment, and then coming home to finish two assignments due tomorrow.


I'm going out for dinner tonight at least.
Penguins Love

My life is boring

I actually have nothing to post about right now, but I'm just letting you all know I'm still alive.

I'm back at uni and working and that's about it.

Exciting life :)