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Sometimes Life Breaks in Mysterious Ways

Ashleigh's ramblings

2 April
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by Malionette

I'm Ashleigh, I'm 23 and I live in Australia.

I am an obsessive Rafael Nadal fan. I love Rafa. And I like to talk a lot about him. I complain when he loses because I end up with a broken heart and I am very excited when he wins. So I do talk a lot about him on here. He's my obsession.

In my past I also obsessed over Harry Potter, Merlin and other fandoms. Of course, I still love those things, but I felt I have matured a lot now and travel is currently something I am obsessing over. I really want to see the world and go on adventures and do things.

I'm almost a fully qualified primary educator. Only a few more months to go... let's see how that works out!